Why Keanu Reeves Refuses to Touch Women When Taking Photos

There’s no denying the pervasiveness of a kind of universal love for Keanu Reeves right now.

keanu reeves and fan
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Yes, he’s been popping up in new movies and on late night shows a lot lately. However, he’s also touched – or not touched – quite a few people personally.

The Keanu Movement

There’s this notion going around that he is the most gentlemanly of gentlemen, and so far it’s been undisputed. He’s become more than just a hunky, movie star thirst trap – in fact, he doesn’t even really suit the stereotype.

What makes Keanu so attractive to so many people is how kindhearted he appears to be. He seems thoughtful, generous, wise, and completely down-to-earth at all times. And it all seems so effortless – but not in an intimidating way.

Countless fans have shared their stories of meeting the 54-year-old actor. And others simply fawn over the idea that’s been created that he’s essentially the perfect human being.

Truth be told, Keanu news is a breath of fresh air compared to just about everything else these days.

The Infamous Hover Hand

Of course, when it comes to Keanu encounters, there’s a recurring trend some folks have noticed.

Keanu tends not to touch women he’s photographed with, but rather hovers his hand slightly away from them. And this isn’t just everyday fans either, he’s even been seen posing with other celebrities in the same manner.

So, what’s the deal?

“Hover hand” used to be seen as an awkward pose. It seemed to indicate that the photo subject was intimidated by the person with whom they were being photographed. But the idea that Keanu lacks the confidence to touch someone seems preposterous, so perhaps the age-old meme is incorrect.

Being Respectful

People instead are now debating if Keanu is simply just being respectful or if this is a #MeToo era thing.

Many are praising Keanu for being considerate, and not touching women without their consent. Others think he simply isn’t taking any chances since reports of misconduct have become commonplace in this modern era. One fan suggested that “even a hug” can trigger an assault charge.

False accusations of sexual misconduct, however, are actually quite rare. And there’s a good chance Keanu is simply being respectful of peoples’ personal space.

Another Possibility

Several other fans have pointed out that Keanu’s habit may also be a testament to his Asian heritage. Since he grew up spending a lot of time with his Chinese-Hawaiian grandmother, it could possibly be a cultural thing.

In the west, we call the pose “hover hand” and associate it with awkwardness. In parts of Asia, however, it’s referred to as “manner hands,” and is seen as a respectful gesture.

Whatever the case, it’s certainly not tempering Keanu-mania. If anything, it’s just lending more credence to the idea that the actor is simply too good for this world.


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