Why Cameron Diaz Couldn’t Handle the Spotlight

Why Cameron Diaz Couldn’t Handle the Spotlight

You may not have noticed, but Cameron Diaz, 47, dropped out of the spotlight five years ago. She hasn’t starred in a movie since the release of Annie in 2014, and she has been very private about her life and her interests.

After an interview recently, a close friend of Diaz’s came forward and explained that Diaz was never “comfortable” with the fame she had, and being constantly in the spotlight was “stressful”.

According to her, and sources close to the blond star, her five-year break has been the best thing for her life and marriage.

What Has Cameron Been Doing, Then?

If not acting, what has Cameron Diaz been up to? According to her, and sources close to her, simply enjoying the downtime and getting to know her husband.

Diaz married Benji Madden, 40, in 2015. Madden is the lead guitarist and backup vocalist of Good Charlotte, as well as being a member of “The Madden Brothers”, a pop-rock collab with his twin brother, Joel.

Neither had been married before this, and neither have any kids.

She’s previously called her husband the “best thing” to ever happen to her, despite initial reservations. She has admitted in previous interviews that she wasn’t sure marrying Madden was the right choice, but she knew he was “special”.

She has also said he is her best friend and a wonderful partner to her.

Her Legacy

In 2013 Cameron Diaz was named the highest-paid actress over 40 in Hollywood. In 2018, 3 years after taking her step away from the spotlight, US domestic box office grosses of her films totaled over $3 billion, with $7 billion worldwide.

This puts Cameron as the fifth highest-grossing actress in the US, of all time. Clearly, she doesn’t need to be working.

Any Plans to Re-enter the Acting World?

Diaz said she has no plans to step back into the spotlight yet, but that if it does happen it must be a project she feels “passionate” about. She wants her entrance back into the realm of major celebrity status to “feel effortless”.

Diaz added that she doesn’t know if she will ever return to acting, or if she will simply enjoy the rest of her life with her husband in a peaceful existence. She used the term “landscape of wellness” when describing her life, but we’re not entirely sure if that means she has been keeping up on her yoga and meditation, or just using the best wrinkle cream and focusing on her skincare routine.

In her latest interview, she does look fabulous for 47, so maybe there is something to be said about not always being the center of attention.