John Wayne’s Resurfaced Controversial Remarks Changed His Legacy

WikiMedia Commons / 20th Century Fox

John Wayne is known as THE Western star of the 20th Century. Many people loved watching him ride on a horse in the West, gun-toting and fighting off bad guys. John Wayne, in their opinion, was the man

However, Wayne’s legacy has recently become a topic for discussion. Many of his fans had no clue that Wayne had a side to him that was dark, to say the least.

Recently, Wayne’s controversial views have come to light via his Playboy interview from 1971, which has many reexamining his legacy. 

Click on to learn more about what John Wayne said in one of those interviews that would definitely not get past an editor’s desk today. The interview paints an in-depth picture of Wayne’s views, and we’ll delve into how they were partly shaped by the Hollywood world he lived in. Beware – you might be shocked by what you read!