20 of the Most Insane Class Action Lawsuits Filed Against Celebrities

Jay-Z and Beyonce
Photo by Getty Images

Life in the public eye is sometimes the worst, if you ask a celebrity. Actually, don’t ask a celebrity. Just sit back and imagine that you are a famous celebrity and someone throws a photo of you up on the internet as well as on the front of a half dozen supermarket tabloids after you left a bottomless mimosa brunch with a circle around your slightly mimosa-filled stomach and starts commenting on your sudden ‘weight gain’ and obvious ‘baby bump.’

That’s not even the worst that someone might say about you, either. Now think about how many people are lawsuit-happy for the dumbest reasons. People are suing people for breathing, it seems. These celebs will tell you that being famous is not all it is cracked up to be, especially when lawyers come knocking. See what the general public thought might be a quick way to get rich thanks to celebrities – some of these lawsuits are laughable.