20 Things You Didn’t Know about Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren
Photo by Getty Images

United States Senator Elizabeth Warren is someone you need to become familiar with, if you haven’t already. The Massachusetts Senator (D) is one of the most talked about women in politics right now, and it appears that the masses want to see her run for president in 2016. It might seem strange that the public is backing another Democratic Presidential nominee in light of the decreasing popularity of our current Democratic president.

Additionally, it seems that if she makes the decision to run for office (something she’s denied repeatedly – much like her fellow Democrat Barack Obama) in 2016, she’ll very likely be up against another Democratic favorite; Hillary Clinton. It seems that two powerful women with voices meant to be heard and popularity that grows with each passing day both vying for the same position in the same party is going to make for a fascinating election season. And that’s without even considering any potential Republican candidates.

Regardless, Elizabeth Warren is certainly a hot topic at the moment – especially given the outcome of Tuesday’s dismal election results for Democrats across the board – and there are plenty of things you just don’t know about her.