15 Things You Didn’t Know about Christmas Vacation

chevy chase
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December 1 marked the 30th anniversary of a Christmas classic; National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

It was on this day in 1989 that the Griswold family embarked on yet another adventure that had audiences literally rolling on the floor laughing (and that was long before they even knew that ROFL was) through its hilarity.

It’s hard to believe that the movie is 30-years-old, but time does fly when you’re having fun. For those of us who remember the movie not as a holiday ‘classic’ but as a new release (and we did just age ourselves), it’s difficult to believe that this much time has passed.

Despite many years of watching the movie – and most of us do make it a point to check this one out at least once every Christmas holiday – it’s astounding how much we still don’t know about this famed movie and its cast, characters and even the people behind the cameras.

In honor of the movie’s 30th birthday, we have compiled a list of interesting and little known facts about Christmas Vacation.