15 Facts You Never Knew About Wheel Of Fortune

Vanna White and Wheel of Fortune set Wheel of Fortune is a huge staple in the world of entertainment. Since the show first premiered in 1975, millions have watched as contestants have their shot to spin the wheel and solve puzzles to earn big prizes! Now hosted by Pat Sajak, with hostess Vanna White and announcer Jim Thorton along for the spins, the show gets about 10.2 million viewers to tune in each week. With that big number, it ranks as the most-watched program on television.

However, as with any television show, there are a lot of moving pieces and things that happen behind the scenes of the show that a lot of viewers aren’t aware of. And, with so much air time, there’s also a lot of history there. As the popular game show gears up for its 37th season on network television, here are some fun facts that even the biggest Wheel of Fortune fan may not know.

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